Sonje Marinković 18/1/3

InoSens is a dynamic digital innovation house with an experienced and skilled team ready to deliver innovative solutions, technologies, and consultancy services in a sustainable manner. They have over 20 years of experience in European Union-funded projects and provide support for identifying potential and attracting grants for research and development, partnerships with key players in the international innovation scene, writing project proposals, and successful project implementation management. As a highly experienced and dynamic team, INO listens to partners’ demands, analyzes their needs, and together defines the most suitable strategy for developing, executing, and managing your business innovations and R&D efforts.

INO offers practical solutions and knowledge to our partners and collaborators, focused on communication, marketing, and ICT research and innovation project development.

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Get to Know Our Partners

Led by Stockholm University, Bio-LUSH brings together research, industry, policy, scientific and technical leaders in a consortium that includes VTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandInstitut technologique FCBAIVL Swedish Environmental Research InstituteInoSensPaperplatSpinnovaIMAUNILEVERXYLEM SERVICESAB ENZYMES, and Empa. Through a user-centered approach, Bio-LUSH prioritizes close collaboration and testing with end-users throughout the design and development process. This dynamic consortium is committed to delivering practical results that meet the evolving needs of industry, providing optimal responses for maximum impact.


Bio-LUSH unites universities, research organizations, and commercial entities to drive sustainable fiber conversion from biomass. With multidisciplinary expertise spanning biology, chemistry, materials science, and more, we develop innovative solutions. Collaborations with industry leaders and end users ensure alignment with market needs and drive real-world impact. Together, we are transforming the biobased industry for a sustainable future.