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Bio-LUSH is collaborating with VALUABLE, an innovative EU-funded project at the forefront of biomass valorization, as it sets away on an adventure …

Get to Know Our Connections

Bio-LUSH recognizes opportunities for collaboration and potential for synergies, not only within projects funded under the same topic but also between those funded under different topics, clusters, or pillars of Horizon Europe and beyond. Through joint activities, knowledge exchange, and alignment with the European Commission’s principles, we strive to amplify our impact. 

The BIORADAR Project, funded and supported by the EU’s Horizon Europe programme and the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), aims to help organisations, policymakers and investors have the necessary information to step towards a more sustainable, bio-based economic model by taking a system perspective to fill the indicator gaps in material circularity and evaluating the environmental and social impacts of industrial bio-based systems by developing digital monitoring tools that will provide benchmarks and a self-assessment platform for bio-based industries.

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